Hair Removal - Pro Wax Heater


EXFOLIATING POWER : Are you looking to rejuvenate and restore your skin's natural glow? If so, the hard wax kit can help. Our hard wax easy grip each strand of exfoliation can help facilitate your skin's natural exfoliation process. 

HARD WAX FOR SENSITIVE SKIN : Strip free formula for sensitive and delicate area. Get super soft skin with our specially formulated wax that sticks to HAIR not SKIN. NO MORE IRRITATION - NO MORE INFLAMMATIONS!

EFFECTIVE AND HIGH COMPATIBILITY: Ideal waxing kits for hair removal needs for men and women, home self-waxing or any waxing spa salon, for total body depilatory needs

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! : We strive to create effective hair removal waxing kit tailored to the needs of our customers. Your satisfaction means everything to us, and we stand behind our wax kit with a 30 days money back guarantee


Tips: If you have sensitive skin afterwards put an ice pack on the areas it helps a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it hurt?

A little discomfort is completely normal during your eyebrow waxing, but don’t worry; it will hurt less and less each time with your continued waxing.

2. What are the difference between blue wax and cream wax?

Not all hair types are the same. Our blue hard wax targets fine hair on your face, but cream wax for coarse hair on your armpit, bikini line.

3. I can only remove little to no hair?

Keep your skin clean and free of lotions, moisturizers and makeup. The cleaner, the better you'll be at crafting your perfect eyebrows, bikini and body hair.

4. Can I use it for a Brazilian or Bikini wax?

Absolutely! While our wax is gentle enough to use on delicate skin, it’s also powerful for coarse hair.This makes it the perfect solution for the bikini area.