Liposo™ Japanese Neck Relief


Oyakumi™️ Japanese Neck Relief is a professional neck traction device that works to stretch and relax the muscles in the shoulders and neck. Simply rest your neck against the soft velvet material and inflate the device to your comfort level with the efficient hand pump. The Neck Comforter is designed to reduce headaches, relieve muscle tension, help improve circulation, increase range of motion, and alleviate neck pain.

 Trusted by over 20,000 customers


 I work in the office and over the years, I've developed a herniated disc. Been using this Neck Relief for the past month and I'm glad that my neck condition has improved!

- Cathy Bedford

 I use this twice daily at home and it helped to relieve my sore neck muscles. I'll totally be getting another one for my family members too.

- Laura E Oliver

Picking Out Good Habits

3 out of 4 people worldwide suffer from some form of neck pain. A few hours of watching Netflix on your phone or working in the office in a bad position is bad for you.

Be it a sore neck, pinched nerve, bulging disc or even TMJ, you'll want to start picking out good head postures to care for your neck!

Start out by relieving built-up tension in your neck with Oyakumi™️ Japanese Neck Relief.

How Does It Work?

Oyakumi™️ Japanese Neck Relief works by:

  • Supporting the neck and weight of the head
  • Allowing the neck muscles to relax
  • Stretching the neck and shoulder muscles 
  • Decompressing the spinal disc joints 
  • Improving circulation 

This ensures that you're effectively using your core neck muscles daily while elevating your jawbone.

As your core neck muscles develop stronger overtime, neck tension reduces and you'll be able to achieve optimal spinal alignment.

Countless Benefits

Besides strengthening core neck muscles, reducing stress and tension through Oyakumi™️ Japanese Neck Relief contributes to a better spine alignment.

Several customers revealed that they experienced less neck and shoulder pains over a period of 4 weeks and felt healthier overall.



Form this good habit of taking care of your neck with Oyakumi™️ Japanese Neck Relief!

A Companion Wherever You Go

Oyakumi™️ Japanese Neck Relief weighs lighter than an apple. When deflated, it fits perfectly in any handbag, purse or suitcases.

You're highly recommended to bring it along with you on road trips or on flights. Made from a premium suede material, you'll have a cozy sleep anywhere!

Rest assured, this is the only support your neck will ever need!

How to Use?


Material: Natural latex pump, high-grade PVC tube covered in soft grade A velvet suede flocking
Size: 12" x 10" x 4"